Enrollment Analytics

Our suite of enrollment solutions enables school district administrators to quickly and accurately find tangible and realistic solutions to their enrollment-related challenges.

Enrollment Analytics supports reliable budget, facilities, and staff planning, and promotes data-driven decisions for both management teams and school boards alike.

Enrollment Forecasts

Our team of analysts have generated thousands of enrollment forecasts for districts of all sizes. Enrollment forecasts are deployed via our StudentView platform and come with a host of calculators, tools and analytical reports that allow district leaders to understand their district and create realistic “what if” scenarios. Unlike static enrollment projection reports, our enrollment forecasts are dynamic, interactive, and accessible for further analysis anytime.

Our most popular option provides for two, ten-year, by-school, by-grade, enrollment forecasts – a moderate forecast suitable for facility planning and a conservative forecast suitable for fiscal and staffing planning. Single, five-year forecasts are also available.

New Housing Studies

If new homes are being built in your area, we can help you understand how your enrollment will be impacted. Our team will find out how many units are being built, what type of housing is being built, when the homes will be occupied and how many students you might expect from new housing.

Boundary Consulting

Modifying attendance boundaries can be a challenging task. Our team of boundary experts, utilizing EnrollmentAnalytics, are prepared to take on the most challenging re-districting projects. Every boundary engagement is unique and, as such, each boundary engagement is crafted to meet the needs of the client.

School Capacity Studies

Understanding your schools' capacities is a crucial component of facilities management. We can help you gain a real-world, accurate capacity value for all your school sites. Capacity values can be entered into our StudentView platform and made available for additional analysis against enrollment forecasts to gain insights into how future growth may affect your district number of open seats.

Student Yield Studies

A Student Yield Study is a consultative process, produced by DecisionInsite analysts, that quantifies the exact number of students which your District may gain from new housing. DI staff gathers data from developments completed in the recent past and determines how many District students occupy these homes. The product of this work is a set of Student Generation ratios that are specific to your District and then may be applied for proposed new housing going forward.


MySchoolLocator is an easy and fast way for parents, realtors and community members to find the schools that serve specific areas. MySchoolLocator is included with a number of our solution offerings and can be deployed in your District via your District website. Using MySchoolLocator is simple - either enter an address or select a spot on a map and the schools that serve that location are displayed. Additionally, driving, walking, and cycling directions are accessible and school contact information may also be displayed.

Enrollment Analytics can help your district


Plan for future student enrollment

Enrollment Analytics suite of reporting and analytical tools provide District leaders visibility and understanding about where their District's enrollment is headed.


Optimize existing facilities for operational and financial efficiency

Leverage the power of Enrollment Analytics to find the right balance between school size and operational efficiency.


Ensure adequate facility space for students

Don't be caught unprepared. Our proprietary enrollment projection methodology will accurately tell you how many students to expect next year and ten years into the future.


Create future school boundary scenarios

Modify existing boundaries or draw new custom boundaries to create complex scenarios.


Analyze the feasibility of new school locations

Building a new school site is a huge undertaking. Our technology and analytical tools let you plan and project enrollment for proposed school sites.


Identify underutilized school sites

If a school site has fewer students than optimal, our analytical tools will help identify those sites and explore a range of options to address this challenge.


Understand where you have or lack capacity

Our capacity reporting capabilities will let you know which school sites have capacity and which sites do not, so you can plan ahead.


Understand where staffing may be impacted by changing enrollment

The proprietary staffing calculator feature will quickly show you how many teachers you will need at each school site and at each grade level.


Better understand where your students live and where they attend

StudentView will help you identify how many students attend their assigned school and how many choose to attend other schools in the District.


And much, much more...

DecisionInsite has a range of solutions appropriate for Districts of all sizes. Our client's find that our platform helps them solve problems day in and day out - from simple to some of the most complex.