Case Studies

Case Studies

Natural Disaster Response

Santa Rosa City Schools, a complex, non-unified district with seven feeder districts, needed help determining students affected by a wildfire.

Redistricting & Modernization

Upper Merion Area School District needed help with a redistricting process, including the reopening of a modernized school and a brand new school.

Growing Enrollment

Mt. View Whisman School District needed to address growing enrollment and the opening of a new school.

Overcrowded School

Huntley School District 158 had a school that was quickly becoming overcrowded due to new housing and needed a solution ASAP.

Declining Enrollment

El Rancho USD knew there was an easier way to get the information they needed to act fast.

Boundary Reconfiguration

Fontana USD needed to review feeder and align boundaries for all its schools quickly.

School Reconfiguration

Paramount USD needed a better alternative to its K-8 multi-track schedule.

Enrollment Projections

Anaheim City SD needed sustainable calendar and boundary configurations. Reliable enrollment projections were a must.

Increased Efficiency & Confidence

Corona-Norco USD experienced a period of rapid growth, driven by new housing. As the District planned for new schools, leaders turned to DecisionInsite to understand the relationship between enrollment trends, new housing and potential sites for new schools.

Zone Configuration Scenarios

Newport-Mesa USD has seven Trustee areas, some of which do not have standard grade-level configurations. They were looking to make intelligent decisions based on hard numbers in a timely manner.

Capacity & Staffing

Bakersfield City SD was grappling with school capacity challenges and looked to DI for a better understanding of how to understand enrollment, school capacity and staffing within their changing communities.

School Consolidation & Modernization

Bristol Township SD knew that they needed to make a case to the community that was backed by solid data. The district knew they needed to be prepared to answer questions relating to capacities, future enrollments, future boundary changes and the financial impacts of such a change with clarity, accuracy and sensitivity and turned to DI to help find the data and make that case.

Reorganization & Consolidation

Kenmore-Tonawanda UFSD, a K-12 district near Buffalo, New York, was nearing the close of a two-year reorganization and consolidation study when it contracted with DecisionInsite.