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Introduction to DecisionInsite
and the DI StudentView System

What is the DI StudentView System? The DI StudentView system is a cloud-based, web application that provides School District Leaders with the critical data they need to gain Location Intelligence.

By gaining Location Intelligence, staff will be able to answer questions such as:

**What areas are our students coming from?
**How would transportion policy changes, program changes or boundary changes affect our enrollment?
**What effect would Residential Development have on our district?
**Which schools serve which students?
**Where are we seeing the most enrollment growth or decline and why?
**Where are specific populations of students? (Special Needs, Ethnicity, Special Programs)

Future Planning

Integrating district enrollment, housing and demographic data in a secure map-based environment, with DecisionInsite's easy-to-use online tools one can quickly analyze the impacts of changing enrollment on budgeting, current school capacity, future school housing needs and staffing.

Marketing Your Schools

Many school districts look for ways to effectively market their schools to their community. The DI StudentView System includes both data and tools for developing an effective marketing strategy designed to "tell the district's story" to the community.

Boundary Changes

The DI StudentView System uses advanced, spatial query technology to help school districts examine boundary change scenarios, analyze new housing impacts, and manage other challenging enrollment-related issues.

Efficiency Tools

The system also provides value-added support functions, such as staffing and capacity calculators, that harness relevant information to plan a school district's response to changing enrollment. Multiple scenarios can be easily be generated, supplying district administrators with actionable information.

MySchoolLocator with Bus Stops

Our Google-powered bus-stop and school locator gives district websites the ability to provide parents and community members a convenient way to determine which schools serve their residence, saving staff time and the district money.

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